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About Us

What is Care For The Paw?

Care For The Paw is a small Charity, based in Liverpool and The Wirral. The Registered Charity Number is 1178018. We have a lot of people who are volunteers, who help and support dogs who are living on the streets or in hostels with their homeless owners.

When we go out to see the dogs on the streets, we call this Outreach. Some homeless owners can go and live in a hostel, which is a room where they can stay until they can find a new home, and when we go to see the dogs staying with their owners, we call this a Hostel Visit.

Care For The Paw holds a Vet Clinic at The Basement in Liverpool on the 1st and 3rd Saturday evening of every month, and at The YMCA in Birkenhead on the first Thursday of every month, for our homeless friends to drop in with their dogs. Sometimes we also see Ferrets and Cats.


What does Care For The Paw do?

Sometimes, for many different reasons, people find themselves without a home to live in. When this happens, some people live on the streets until they can find a new home, and a lot of times, they have their pet dog with them. While the dogs and their homeless owners are living on the street, the owners do not have much money, which means that they can struggle to feed themselves and to feed their dogs. Happily, there are lots of places which provide food for the owners, but sadly, not for the dogs.

So Care For The Paw takes out to the dogs: dog food, water, bowls, collars, leads, bedding, toys and dog treats – in fact, any dog related items that are easy for the owners to carry.

Very importantly, if any of the dogs are not very well, we have qualified Vets who come out on the streets with us to look at any dogs we see, and if the dog needs medicine, we can supply the medicine to help the dog to feel better. From time to time, some of the dogs we see need to have an operation, so we can arrange for them to visit our Vet Surgery to have their operation, and we help to look after them until they are feeling better.


How can you help Care For The Paw?

Care For The Paw relies totally on donations of dog related items to take out to the dogs on the street, so we are very grateful for any dog food, toys, etc. To help with our Vet Fund, donations can be made via our PayPal account here – this fund helps pay for any Veterinary treatment the dogs need, and also for flea and worm treatment, to keep them happy and healthy while they are on the streets with their homeless owners.


Get involved

As a charity, we rely solely on donations. Every contribution makes a big difference in helping to achieve our goals and make a positive impact on the lives of dogs and their homeless owners. We are very grateful for any dog food, toys, etc. Donations can be made to our Vet Fund here.

Our vet clinics


Phoenix Foundation

157 Duke Street

 L1 4JR

The first and third Saturday of each month from 7:30pm



Whetstone Lane

CH41 2TJ

By arrangement

Other locations


St Helen's

By arrangement

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